Our Equipment

Farris Vending will provide you the highest quality machines at no cost to you with the most efficient size for your location(s) by considering the intensity of traffic, number of staff, visitors and customers in the building.

Service Schedule

We pride ourselves with committed service once a month of collecting with unbeatable service, before and after the collection date. Periodic visits to the location will follow to stay current with your preferences. If your not satisfied with the assortment that we may consider, please let us know!


Farris Vending offers lifetime trouble free guarantee of any machine that is in your establishment. We promise a 48 hour repair window. With most anything that is mechanical, there will be repairs. With periodic visits we also perform preventative maintenance on location to prolong the life of the machine. Experiencing problems? Our contact info is on every machine on route. Give us a Call!


Farris Vending offers the highest competitive commission rate in the area. Mention that you read this on the website for an extra 5% commission!